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Breathe Easy Arizona

Our Coalition

Breathe Easy Arizona is a large coalition of individuals and organizations with a common interest in decreasing the impact of Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (CLRD) among Arizona residents. Learn more about our vision, mission, and goals on our Coalition page.


The Breathe Easy Arizona Coalition wants to ensure support and education is available and provided to CLRD patients. Visit our Resources page to connect with support groups, clinical studies, and other programs that promote healthy living for healthy lungs.

In the News

Stay informed and stay in touch. Check out the latest headlines about CLRD, including studies, research, new medical products, and tips on how to better cope with lung disease. Plus, save the date for upcoming events in Arizona and online.


Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease


Asthma is an airway disease caused by hypersensitivity reactions in the airways
that leads them to becoming swollen and inflamed. Symptoms include coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness
of breath.

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is an inflammation
or irritation of the airways in the lungs. Bronchitis generally causes a cough that produces mucus, which often leads to shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightness.


Emphysema is characterized by damage
to the air sacs (alveoli) of the lungs. Damage
to the alveoli leads to inadequate oxygen intake and makes it very difficult to properly breathe. Smoking is the most common cause of emphysema.

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