Breathe Easy Arizona Coalition: Workgroup Members

Workgroup Definitions

Health Education – Determine key audiences in need of education and programming services, focus on evidence based programs that the Coalition deems necessary to the prevention and management of chronic lung disease, and find partners who will connect the Coalition to identified audiences and can assist with education implementation.

Research and Data – Responsible for all data collection needed by coalition from disease burdens to coalition membership tracking and keeping Coalition members current on new CLRD research.

Marketing/Communications – Present CLRD Coalition to the state of Arizona from stakeholders to the general population and create and maintain internal communications among coalition members.

Policy and Advocacy – Identify and guide state, county, local, company or organizational legislation/ordinances/policies that are needed to provide better care for CLRD patients and the community that cares for them.

Fund and Resource Development – Identify human, organizational, and funding resources that need to be brought to the table in order to expand coalition work and exceed coalition goals.

Join the Breathe Easy Arizona Coalition
Interested in joining the Breathe Easy Arizona Coalition and reducing the impact of CLRD in Arizona through effective, accessible prevention and care? Email us here. Please type “Coalition Membership” in the subject line and tell us a little about yourself in the body of the email including: your name, phone number, what interests you about our coalition, and your desired level of involvement. If you prefer to contact us by phone, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you.