Three-Year Plan

A Message from American Lung Association in Arizona:

alaaThe American Lung Association in Arizona is pleased to have been able to partner with the Arizona Department of Health Services to bring Reducing the Impact of Respiratory Disease in Arizona: A Three-Year Plan to Arizona residents and, in particular, those who struggle with Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (CLRD). CLRD can greatly impact the quality of life of those affected including limited activity, missed school and work, anxiety, fear, and depression  to name a few. Most importantly, those with CLRD are acutely aware of something many of us take for granted, their ability (or often inability) to breathe. This plan is the signal patients need to know their community is committed to improving their health and that there is hope in what future action is on the horizon. It demonstrates Arizona’s initiative to address this disease from all angles: creating awareness, promoting prevention and early detection, improving systems of care, and providing evidence-based management programs.

Julie Reid
Executive Director
American Lung Association in Arizona

Click here to download a copy of Reducing the Impact of Respiratory Disease in Arizona: A Three-Year Plan.